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The PLACE is seeking families, single parents, retired couples, and singles to host international students.  Families must be open to other cultures and interested in the well-being of students.  Hosting international students is an excellent way to build bridges in communication, understanding, and mutual respect with people from various ethnic backgrounds.

Families are interviewed and screened carefully. Also, a home visit is done by The PLACE to ensure that students will be comfortable in their surroundings.   In addition, students are matched up with families based on the information provided by the students and host families.

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Requirements of host families:

  • Be culturally sensitive

  • Provide a private, furnished room

  • Provide internet access

  • Provide three meals daily

  • Involve students in activities

  • Interact with students

Families are compensated for their hospitality.

If you are interested in hosting international students, please print the application and send to:

P.0. Box 20731
Seattle, WA 98102
Phone: 206-351-0121


I have hosted three students from The PLACE and each has been a rewarding experience.  My first, Emma, was confident, radiant, and self-reliant.  She won the hearts of all my family and we're still in touch, one year later.  Through her I met her classmate Mephisto, who is currently with me as a long-term student at North Seattle Community College.  Mephisto is studious and driven towards success.  Finally I hosted Hu Xin in the '08 Winter Camp.  Hu Xin, just 15, was the youngest and least conversant in English, but like the others was quite willing to try all things and learn the local customs.  As for The PLACE, I've found them to be reliable and supportive of both the students and the host families.  It's a great program!