Whether you are visiting, studying, working, or permanently locating to the Seattle area, The PLACE will help you accomplish your goals, meet new friends and feel comfortable in your new surroundings.


I have hosted three students from The PLACE and each has been a rewarding experience.  My first, Emma, was confident, radiant, and self-reliant.  She won the hearts of all my family and we're still in touch, one year later.  Through her I met her classmate Mephisto, who is currently with me as a long-term student at North Seattle Community College.  Mephisto is studious and driven towards success.  Finally I hosted Hu Xin in the '08 Winter Camp.  Hu Xin, just 15, was the youngest and least conversant in English, but like the others was quite willing to try all things and learn the local customs.  As for The PLACE, I've found them to be reliable and supportive of both the students and the host families.  It's a great program!  

Marcia Reed, Homestay Host

"Mia Bailey has taught me to evaluate the amazing value of learning, from the very basic concepts to the more complex levels of English. Since I came to the US, my personal goals are closer than I have expected. Thanks to Mia Bailey for her support as a teacher and also as a friend."

 Fernando O. Mexico

"I moved to Seattle three years ago. My English was very poor. After a long struggle to find an English school, I realized a private tutor was what I needed. I was very fortunate to meet Mia. Her education, experience, and personality was the key for my success. I'm about to finish my college degree, which I didn't think I could attain before I met Mia. Therefore, I highly recommend her."  

Gayla E. Israel

"One of my favorite teachers, Mia, who was my writing teacher a couple of quarters ago, is a fantastic teacher. She is fun, friendly, and cheerful. Her enthusiasm for teaching motivated students all the time. Whenever we had questions, she gladly gave us advice for improving our writing skills. I really want to recommend students to take her class."  Misaki I. Japan

"I am privileged to have had Mia as my mentor. As a model teacher, she taught me the importance of both structure and freedom in the classroom, as well as just how vital flexibility is. I always felt my ideas were welcome and my insight valuable. I continue to be inspired by her confidence, openness to new ideas, and, most of all, by her heart for students." Hannah N.

 "I first got to know Mia Bailey through Seattle Central Community College where we both worked. I was a coordinator for international student activities, and she was teaching ESL. I was studying to be an ESL teacher at the time, and I decided that I wanted Mia to be the teacher I worked with for my student teaching. I observed her class for one quarter and then taught her class for a couple of weeks the next quarter.  I really enjoyed working with Mia, and I learned a lot. She is very professional in her teaching, and she really cares about her students. She works hard, is prepared for class, and she has high expectations for her students. She wants them to learn, and she goes out of her way to make the class interesting, challenging and fun. The students loved her class, and I think they came out of the class knowing a lot more than when they started. Mia is very talented in teaching, and she brings the classroom alive with her enthusiasm and humor."  Amy K. (ESL Instructor at Bellevue Community College)


"Mia is a dedicated teacher. She is supportive and professional. I felt that she really cared about me as a student. I would recommend her to anyone who wants personal attention."  Hanita S. Israel